1、What music apps can I stream to HOLO-WHAS with?

Apple users can stream any app / content to HOLO-WHAS via Airplay 2 over the Wi-Fi network. Additionally, Spotify users of any device type can send audio from the app to HOLO-WHAS via Spotify Connect which is also done over the Wi-Fi network. Want additional options? Connect a wired audio source (streamer, vinyl player, etc.) via HOLO-WHAS's USB ports.

2、How do I play audio from my TV to HOLO-WHAS?

You can send audio to HOLO-WHAS wirelessly either from an AppleTV via Airplay without any range limitations. If you want to run a hardwired connection from the output of the TV, you can do so by running an optical or HDMI connection from the output of the TV back to the HOLO-WHAS and then converting it with these adapters (USB to RCA,RCA to HDMI,RCA to Optical) to connect into HOLO-WHAS 's USB port.

3、Is HOLO-WHAS powerful enough for all of my speakers?

Each of HOLO-WHAS's zones have separate amplification components built inside that allow it to efficiently power speaker sets across multiple rooms from a single amplifier. HOLO-WHAS will provide strong output into in-wall or in-ceiling speaker with a wattage rating up to about 60 watts per channel at an 8 ohms load. If you have a preference for louder music and/or have larger speakers or outdoor speakers in a larger space, we do recommend utilizing the HOLO-WHAS+ model for it's additional wattage output.  HOLO-WHAS+ can delivers a continuous power of 150W per channel at an 8 ohms load.

This power capability outstand all other similar products. JUKE-8 and JUKE-6 only delivers a continuous power of 40W per channel at an 8 ohms load. And JUKE+ only delivers a continuous power of 100W per channel at an 8 ohms load.

4、How do I connect a surround sound receiver with HOLO-WHAS?

While HOLO-WHAS is used to power stereo output across the entirety of a home, some users may elect to use a separate surround sound receiver in their main TV/media area. In this scenario, you can connect the zone 2 output of that surround sound receiver into the HOLO-WHAS as an input via this USB to RCA adapter. If you'd like to have the surround sound room be an output of the HOLO-WHAS.

5、Is HOLO-WHAS compatible with Sonos?

While there is not a direct integration between HOLO-WHAS and Sonos, you can connect a Sonos port (or other streamer) into the HOLO-WHAS 's USB port via this USB to RCA adapter. Doing so will allow you to use the Sonos app to stream to HOLO-WHAS and other Sonos speakers in the house together. Important to note that wireless streaming to the HOLO-WHAS and it's connected speakers it already supported natively without Sonos though, and you can use Apple HomePods as "wireless" speakers if you want to add speakers in a room where there isn't wired speakers in place.

6、While airplaying or casting to a zone, does the phone's ordevice's native volume control raise and lower volume to that zone?

Yeah, the volume control can sync between phone and device, and related APP.

7、Can you rename the zones? Not just in the products app, but thespecific Airplay broadcast names assiqned to each zone?

Yeah, can rename any zones.