1、What is the difference between the HoloHome Streamer+ and the HoloHome Streamer?

The HoloHome Streamer+ is designed to provide streaming and amplification capabilities for passive speakers. It is equipped with HDMI ARC, Optical, RCA, and USB ports, and can play local music via USB. The HoloHome Streamer is a dedicated music streaming device that requires an external amplifier to operate. 

2、What is the difference between the HOLO-WHAS and the HoloHome Streamer+? 

The HoloHome Streamer+ supports a single zone, while the HOLO-WHAS supports up to 8 zones (stereo pair). 

3、 Is the HoloHome Streamer+'s per channel power rating of 75W a peak power rating or a continuous power rating?

The HoloHome Streamer+ provides continuous power of 75W per channel at an 8-ohm load, or 150W per channel at a 4-ohm load. This amplification performance surpasses all other similar products.

4、Should I use banana plugs or straight connections?

It is recommended to use banana plugs for optimal sound and more reliable performance. Straight connections are also suitable.